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The two latest titles from Capcom, Okamiden and MotoGP 10/11, are now in shops ready for you to pick up!

Okamiden is out for the Nintendo DS.  It follows the adventures of Chibiterasu, a young sun-god in the form of a wolf pup, as he battles evil spirits to restore light to the world of Nippon.  He will be helped in his adventure's by a variety of partners who will each bring their own skills to help him on his way. You’ll be able to guide them on their way and use the stylus to command Chibi’s celestial powers and take on the evil spirits.

MotoGP 10/11 is the latest official videogame of the MotoGP championship and is out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.  The latest game features an all new handling system and improved physics to bring you the most authentic ride in the series so far. The brand new player assist feature enables you to tweak the racing style to suit your own level of experience – if you’re out for the first time and still have your stabilisers on you can turn them all on, if you’re a TT veteran you can switch them all off (plus many levels in between!).  You will also get the full 2011 rider and livery update for free later in the season.


Published on:: 24 March 2011

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