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Don’t just take it from us that you should be picking up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on Friday; the press are saying it as well. In anticipation of the game launch we thought we’d whet your appetite with a few of the review scores that have come in so far:

 IGN Australia – 9.5 and Editors Choice Award

Ausgamers – 9.5

Gamespot – 8.8

Eurogamer – 8

Official Playstation Magazine Spain – 9

Play Mania Spain – 94

Play Generation Italy – 90

Master Console – 90

Marcaplayer – 92

 Check out some of the full reviews online here:

"Yet the biggest thrill of all comes from co-op play — from teaming-up with your mates over ad-hoc and taking down a dragon none of you could have beat on your own."

"It’s deep, it’s addictive, and it’s even better with friends"

"Group hunting is not only immensely fun; it also adds tremendous tactical depth."

"If you're up to the challenge, prepare yourself for one of the most rewarding opportunities in gaming"

“Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the most prolific game experiences available for Psp.”

“Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the most complete chapter in the series, perfectly placed on the screens of the portable PSP.”

We think the reviews are great, but what do you think? Let us know in the forum here

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Published on:: 23 June 2009

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