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Lost Planet 2 is now available in stores across Europe and Australia. The latest blockbuster from Capcom takes you back to the planet of E.D.N.III where you must battle against rival pirate clans, corrupt Nevec soldiers and vicious Akrid creatures across hostile new environments. The landscape has seen much change as rival factions compete for the precious T-Eng element. Cities, deserts and jungles have arisen from the arctic environments and will present new challenges to you and your comrades as you fight your way through the game.


Lost Planet 2 has been receiving plaudits across the European press:


  • Now Gamer, 9.3 out of 10 – “There is no doubt that this will be one of the most fun multiplayer experiences”
  • Official Xbox magazine, 8 out of 10 - "Lost Planet 2 is so much fun, it'll turn even the bitterest lone wolf into the ultimate team player"
  • Micromania, 4 out of 5 – “Lost Planet 2 is a game for action and multiplayer fans, whether in co-op or multi-player”
  • PlayBlu, 87% - “If you are together with friends, you are having a multiplayer dream coming true.”
  • Play3, 89% - “Terrific boss battles against oversized enemies.”
  •, 9 out of 10 – “Lost Planet 2 is a splendid action game. . . A cool gaming experience”

The sequel to the award winning Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions sees massive advances in the online multi-player experience in the game. You can now work with three other players to fight your way through the main story of the game and take on all challenges as a squad. Lost Planet 2 has also raised the stakes with the levels of customisation for your own unique pirate. You will also enjoy lots of new toys with which to arm your pirate with a massive arsenal of weapons, vehicles and V-Suits.



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Published on:: 11 May 2010

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