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Saturday the 27th June saw the culmination of the official Street Fighter IV European Championship. From the thousands that entered from 16 different countries, 5 National Champions made it to London for the grand final.

The action took place at the exclusive May Fair Hotel London with top players from Italy, France, UK, Germany and Spain competing in a two stage tournament to decide would walk away with Ultimate Street Fighter crown AND ride away on a brand new Yamaha Aerox R scooter.

Stage one was a 'round robin' group stage where all Champions played each other, with points being awarded for a win and bonus points being awarded for clear victories.
The second stage was straight knock out with the best 4 players making it through from the group stage going into a semi final and final.

The 5 National Champions for Europe were

Alioune Camara - France (Sagat)
Alexander Flekler - Germany (Boxer)

David Dillana Rivera - Spain (Chun-Li)

Nicola Mateuzzi - Italy (Blanka)

Ryan Hart - UK (Sagat)

The action was tense, as all competitors knew there was a lot on the line and the first few matches seemed to be decided on the player who defended best and made the least errors. As the matches heated up, and the competitors came out of their shells, David Dillana established himself as the fans favourite with some inspired combination play and some excellent aggressive attacking. Despite David's efforts the lead competitor throughout remained UK's Ryan Hart using a combination of brutal tiger shot attacks and devastating timed attacks. Match of the tournament was between David and Alioune as David managed to battle his way back from a 2-0 losing position to snatch a well deserved 2-3 victory

After the first stage Italy's Nicola Mateuzzi was eliminated with Ryan vs Alex in semi final 1 and Alioune vs David in semi final 2.

Although Alex fought hard, Ryan's punishing Tiger Shots proved too much and it was the UK champion that went through to the final to meet Alioune Camara who had triumphed over Spanish Champion David in the other semi final.

In a twist of irony, the final match was a repetition of the very first match of the tournament, Ryan vs Alioune, Sagat vs Sagat. Unfortunately for Alioune, the result of the final match also proved to be the same and it was the UK's Ryan Hart that claimed the title of Ultimate European Street Fighter Supreme Master and the keys to a brand new Yamaha Aerox R.


Published on:: 29 June 2009

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