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Capcom, a name derived from "Capsule" and "Computer", became one of the earliest companies involved in the games industry. Kenzo Tsujimoto established the company in Japan as a manufacturer and distributor of electronic games machines.


The arcade game, Vulgus, was released in May. This classic vertical scrolling/shooting game had gamers controlling a space ship as they attempted to destroy everything in their path. Arcade games Son Son, the two-player action game, and 1942, an aircraft based shooting game were launched. These titles helped establish Capcom at the forefront of the games industry. (1942 was latterly converted for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and GameBoy).


The classic two player shooting game Exed Exes was launched allowing gamers to control two aeroplanes and fight an army of bugs called the Exes Army. Gun Smoke, a game set in the Wild West where gamers take the part of a no-nonsense cowboy was released in November. (Also released on NES)


Street Fighter launched in the arcade. Since its launch, over half a million arcade units and an amazing 24 million Street Fighter console games have been sold making it one of the most successful game series ever. It revolutionised the industry and influenced a generation. Over the past 15 years the Street Fighter series has been through over 30 different incarnations spanning all home consoles and arcade units alike.

The first title involving Mega Man was launched on the NES. The "Blue Bomber" has been one of Capcom's most successful characters (testament to the fact that he currently enjoys the position of company mascot). The Mega Man game series has a fanatical legion of fans across the globe. 


Capcom launched Strider Hiryu in the arcade. Set in the distant future, gamers controlled a heroic ninja defeating amazing enemies and powerful boss characters. (Also released on Sega Mega Drive). 

December 1989 saw the arcade release of the side-scrolling action game, Final Fight. The game was set in the 1990's and gamers chose from three characters to guide through the ultra violent Metro City. (Also released on Mega Drive and Super NES).

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